I want to make a public announcement that may or may not be a small miracle.  I, Ashley Radig, got groceries with no problems whatsoever and was not lost at any point along the way.  In fact, through signing up for a Safeway card, I received $15 from Safeway with previous receipts.  Not bad!  I’m really thinking God listened to my quick prayer as I got on the bus to go to the grocery store, which was along the lines of Lord God, please let me get groceries without getting lost.  I pray that I will not have any mishaps along the way and that soon I’ll be back in my apartment safely.

In addition to the miraculous trip to and from the grocery store, the rest of my day went very well.  I worked, more like watched Mark, in tissue culture for an hour this morning.  There were four strains of mouse/rat retinal epithelial cells that were transferred into the growth media for culture.  It was so cool to see this process!  With my fancy blue Novo Nordisk lab coat on, I probably looked like a kid in a candy store as Mark showed me how the cells are stored in liquid nitrogen, what they look like under a microscope, and other miscellaneous aspects of tissue culture.

In the other seven hours of work, I worked on mapping pathways of the inactive drugs using the software I used before.  After finding that the inactive drugs had rather boring results alone, I decided to compare them with the active drugs.  If you don’t remember, the “active” drugs are any that are currently in the clinical trial process while the “inactive” drugs have either been discontinued or lack any reports on further development for awhile.  The comparison between the two showed really interesting results.  Both sides were divided into networks, seven for inactive and eight for active.  The connections between these networks looked like a web, where every network is connected to anywhere from two to seven other networks.  This is intriguing to me, especially since there were no common links between the inactive network itself.  The event of a link marks two networks sharing at least one similar biological target of the drugs.  I hope this isn’t too confusing, but it makes a lot more sense when you see the data instead of reading about it.  I promise!

Well, with less than ten days until my MCAT test, I need to get to studying for the night!  I surely would appreciate any and all prayers that I would do well next Friday.  Who knows, maybe then I’ll witness another one of God’s small miracles.

But seriously though,