I was about halfway down the block this morning when I realized that I forgot my work ID badge.  I hustled back and grabbed it, and to my dismay I turned the corner to see the bus pulling away.  Half an hour later, I finally got on a bus to go downtown.  Things were not looking too great, but I kept a positive attitude as I walked to my desk.

I checked my email to find that I almost forgot to print my concert tickets for this weekend.  For those who don’t know, I decided to go out on a whim and buy tickets to a concert at CenturyLink Field.  But these aren’t just any tickets, they’re for my favorite artist, whose songs I’ve sung along to and memorized since 7th grade.  Yes, I’m going to see Taylor Swift this Saturday!  I can hardly wait!

It was odd to have Mark gone today, but I ended up getting to know PV pretty well.  Right before I was ready to grab my lunch and take a break, he stopped by my desk to ask if I wanted to try one of the restaurants downtown.  I glanced at the squished peanut butter sandwich in my purse, my usual meal, and couldn’t say yes fast enough.  He treated me out to a organic restaurant, where I learned all about his family, previous work, and much more.  I love kids, so I enjoyed hearing about the adoption process he and his wife went through with his son.  I’ve considered adopting in the future, and it was good to have a realistic look on what it takes.

Probably my favorite part of chatting with PV regarded how he came to the work he does now at Novo Nordisk.  With a type-one diabetic brother and a long family history of type-two, I learned that diabetes has a special place in his heart.  Not only that, but PV decided to go into immunology due to all of the various infections he contracted as a kid.  As he listed all of them, (typhus and malaria to name a few) I was more shocked than anything that he was alive today.  It’s pretty neat to me whenever people are able to use their unfavorable circumstances and turn them into a successful life later on.  I am glad I have the opportunity to work for someone so passionate about what he does!

Later, PV walked me through some PowerPoint slides regarding some previous studies.  One particular one was over type-one diabetes.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I recognized one of the four study participants.  I met Tanner, a varsity swimmer at Ball State, at the Students with Diabetes Conference this May.  We even had a few short conversations and maybe even a group activity together.  Such a small world!

Even though this morning got off to a rough start, it was a very good day overall.  I have a hard time completely grasping that I’ll leave this beautiful city in a few short weeks.  Can I stay here a little longer?

Until Tuesday,