I’ve been pleasantly surprised the past few mornings with the luck I’ve had with the bus.  I waited about one minute at the stop before my bus arrived, and I only had to stand for one block or so before I got to sit down right by the back door.  With Taylor Swift’s 1989 album playing through my headphones, I was ready to take on the last day of this work week.  (I get to go to her concert TOMORROW!!!  I’m only a little excited… :))

It was only an hour into working on more spreadsheets that one of my coworkers, Nortso, asked if I was going to head downstairs.  There was the first second breakfast going on in the cafeteria.  I decided to come along with her, and I was pleased with all of the breakfast food set along the counter.  The next thirty minutes or so I spent eating a cinnamon roll while chatting away with several other Novo Nordisk workers.  At one point, I was asked about my pump and the conversation was focused on upcoming diabetic treatments.  Needless to say, I thrived on this conversation topic and enjoyed every minute of my time with my coworkers.  Overall, the second breakfast was a huge success.  I’d say there were about forty employees that stopped what they were doing to grab some of the delicious food.  It was a neat idea, and they are planning on doing this the first Friday of every month in the future.

The rest of my day was spent organizing data and crunching numbers.  I began working on some PowerPoint slides to show Mark all that I’ve done when he comes back from vacation.  I don’t know what was going on, but in the middle of the afternoon someone’s phone or computer was playing all different kinds of music.  It was interesting trying to focus on fibrotic drug targets while hearing the music of a horror film I watched in middle school, Dead Silence, in the background.  I did look out for any creepy dolls (those who’ve seen the movie will get it) but thankfully there were none to be found!

Next week will be my last full workweek, and I’ll actually be home in Iowa two weeks from now.  The countdown is on its way, but I have a few more fun things to do while I’m still in Seattle.  Tomorrow I’ll go downtown for Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour, and a week from now I’ll be on my way to see Mount Saint Helens.  Can’t wait!

Enjoy the weekend,