Look back on my day, I can’t complain how it turned out (especially for a Monday)!  I hopped on the faster bus to work with no issues, and after climbing five flights of stairs I was out of breath and ready for work to begin.  I ended up working almost 9 hours, but it truly flew by so quickly that I hardly noticed.  I’d say that is a good indication that I enjoy what I’m doing!

After a quick ten minute lunch that consisted of a smooshed peanut butter sandwich and a granola bar, I prepared for my meeting with Mark this afternoon.  We definitely had a lot of catching up to do since he had been on vacation for the past week.  It was good to hear his sarcastic remarks once again, something I’ve grown to appreciate about working at Novo Nordisk each day.  We discussed everything that I’ve worked on with no issues, and I will continue working along the same area for the next few days.  He mentioned that we need to start thinking about how to present all of this information to the staff in ten days, and I quickly realized how soon that day will come.

On a personal note, I had a great time at the Taylor Swift concert this weekend.  I’ve been a fan of her music since 2007, yes even in her country days, and so I had very high expectations for my very first concert.  From memorizing every lyric of every song to even doing a report on her in 8th grade, I guess it is no surprise that she is my favorite singer/songwriter.  To say I was blown away by every aspect of the concert is an understatement, but what I found the most surprising was her character.  Taylor never stopped saying how grateful she was and even encouraged the 60,000 in attendance to be ourselves and pursue our dreams, no matter how crazy they seem.  She’s a remarkable individual with a sincere and kind heart, and I believe that she deserves every bit of success God has given her.

Sorry for that long rant,