I reached the top of the five flights of stairs at Novo Nordisk slightly less out of breath than yesterday.  After grabbing my usual cup of water, I got to work at my desk.  I ended up working the entire day on the same task.  The last several nights I have had trouble falling asleep.  I think I’m averaging falling asleep at 1:00AM and waking up at 7:00AM.  Yesterday I wasn’t bothered by my lack of sleep, but today it sure caught up with me.  To use an analogy, it felt like yesterday moved like Usain Bolt running downhill and today moved like me crawling uphill.  It was rough.

Lunch was pretty good today, but it had very few carbs.  It was quite unfortunate because my blood sugar was rather low, but thankfully, there were cookies.  The lunch staff’s sweets certainly came in clutch for this diabetic!

Next week I’ll get up at 3 or 4 in the morning to have a conference with the headquarters in Denmark.  To prepare, Mark tried to find a picture of my college for the PowerPoint presentation.  I received an email from him with a link to Central’s webpage.  The link was for a student whose dream was to drive the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, and she finally got the opportunity to do that for her work.  After a few jokes from Mark, I let him know that if he needs a picture of me at Central there’s my student profile on the admissions page.  He must’ve read through it because he emailed me back a witty comment like, Very nice. Now if only you had been born in the Wienermobile… and continued to tell me how much the Danes love hot dogs.  If only…

I’m hoping that tomorrow doesn’t quite drag as much, but regardless I know that I’m truly having a great time here in Seattle.  God has certainly given me more than I could’ve ever imagined this summer.