I couldn’t have timed my morning any better with the bus schedule.  I walked across the street to see that the bus just pulled up to my stop.  After a short ride and five flights of stairs, I was ready to start my workday.

Overall, today flew by.  Mark gave me plenty of tasks to do, but it was never to the point where I felt overwhelmed.  Before I knew it, I looked at the clock on my desk to see that it was time for lunch.  Waiting in line is usually a hit or a miss for me because you are stuck standing by coworkers until you can grab some food.  I usually either stand staring out the window while some workers that I hardly know are in a deep conversation around me or I am fortunate enough to know the employee and have a brief conversation.  Today was a hit in that I walked down stairs to see Mark at the end of the line.  I chatted with him about my MCAT scores, which will come out in five days.

We sat down at a table and pretty soon our table was filled with a good mix of introverts and extroverts.  The talk of the table began with a guy’s recent food poisoning from a Korean restaurant in the U-district to flight horror stories.  I shared my experience of flight issues on the way here, namely the joy of sleeping on the airport floor.  A lady, Nortso, (whose desk is very close to mine) one-upped me by telling us all about how she ended up sleeping on the airport floor in Reno after a 20 hour flight from Asia.  She said the worst part was that there are lots of slot machines in this airport, and as she tried to get some rest all she could hear were the ringing noises of the machines around her.  Let’s hope I won’t have any issues on my way back home next Friday!

I have walked the mile and a half jaunt after work for the past couple of days now, and I found myself speechless over a few of the sights today.  In the midst of thinking how foolish it was of me to wear a blazer and skinny jeans on a 85 degree day, I looked up to see a woman in her late twenties wearing a swimsuit as she walked down the sidewalk.  Lake Union was only a few blocks away, but the park itself was about half of a mile.  I mean, even if she was going to swim, wouldn’t she bring some sort of cover up?  About four blocks later, still puzzled by the lady in a bathing suit, I saw a man riding his bike.  He looked normal aside from his shorts.  It looked like he grabbed his girlfriend’s pink Nike running shorts when he was leaving for work this morning.  I was so confused.  I guess these sights are part of everyday living here in Seattle!