It was quite chilly this morning as I headed out the door of my apartment building and made my way to the bus stop.  With my raincoat on, I felt like today might be one of the seldom days I would ever use it in Seattle.  It turns out I was quite right.

At work I was delighted to see zucchini bread in the café.  I have a weakness for homemade breads that is about as strong as my weakness for purses.  The struggle is real.  So after I ate two pieces, I met with Mark to go over the slides that he has prepared for the conference with the Danes.  I discovered that this meeting will take place at either 3:00 or 4:00AM of the day I present my internship presentation to the entire Novo Nordisk Research Center staff.  Next Wednesday will be a very busy day, that’s for sure!

I couldn’t help but notice all of the Seahawks gear as I went about my day.  It seemed that I had missed the memo.  Everyone, from Mark to some of the construction workers outside, appeared to show their Seahawk pride.  I have never gotten into watching the NFL on a regular basis, and so it all made sense why I saw all of the gear when I read the announcement on the TV screen in the café.  The Seahawks were scheduled to play the Bronchos tonight, marking the beginning of football season.  Seattleites suffer through sports seasons until football hits, and the entire city loves to show their support.  It reminded me of high school when guys would yell Football Friday! down the hallways.  I loved those days…

In other news, I was hoping to take some pictures of the lab coats downstairs before I left to go back home.  I didn’t want to be caught capturing them on my cellphone, so I tried my best to go when I thought there wouldn’t be people.  I was unsuccessful both during my lunch break and later in the afternoon.  Additionally, when I made my way to the fourth floor in the afternoon I managed to forget my keycard and was locked in the stairwell.  Somehow, someone was walking out right when I needed to get in so I wasn’t stuck there forever.  That was the last time I attempted to get a picture.  Still no success.

Throughout the workday I couldn’t stop looking outside as it rained steadily the entire day.  There was even lighting and thunder, which reminded me of the storms back home in Iowa.  Mark joked about tornados coming (which never happen here) and told me that I was finally experiencing summer weather in Seattle.  I was done around 3:15 and made my way back to my apartment.  The rain hadn’t let up (and still hasn’t over three hours later) when I walked out of the building.  I saw that the crosswalk was signaling for pedestrians to walk so I walked at an even quicker pace than my usual brisk walk.  As I did, I almost biffed it with the sidewalk being so slick.  Thank goodness I didn’t fall!  After taking the tag off of my rain boots, I made my way to the park by my apartment building and had a fun time making the most of the rain.  I mean, when in Seattle…

Wishing you all a great weekend,