I got a chance to sit down on the bus this morning, which a very rare treat!  On the positive note, I walked in and began working on where I left off on Monday.  With my intern presentation tomorrow, I had a lot to work on for the entire day.  Mark helped me prepare my slides and gave me some useful insights on other information I should include in my PowerPoint slides.

Lunch was sub-par with overdone salmon and chewy vegetables.  I’m not much of a complainer, especially when it comes to free food, but I was less than thrilled with the quality of the meal today.

I finished the rest of the afternoon by finishing up my slides.  It was tough to write the thank you section of the presentation.  How do you possibly put into words how thankful you are for the impact someone had on your life?  I ran across this issue when I wrote thank you notes for the DC team.  I saved Mark’s for last, and surely enough, tears were streaming down my face by the time I was midway through the note.  I’m sure that was the best thank you note I’ve written, but I still don’t think there was any way that I could portray my gratitude towards Mark, my supervisor.  He truly went above and beyond my expectations, and as a result I was able to accomplish much more than planned during my ten weeks at Novo Nordisk.

Speaking of going above and beyond, Mark and his wife, Katherine, treated me to an Indian restaurant.  PV recommended this one, and it was pretty good!  I’m not big on spicy food, but I enjoyed the variety of food I tried at dinner tonight.  One more thing crossed off the bucket list, I guess!